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Meet the Author

Kodie Van Dusen


Kodie Van Dusen grew up in a small town in Southwestern Ontario. She began winning awards and being published in poetry anthologies from a young age. While pursuing her undergraduate in psychology, Kodie wrote sporadically for the Western Gazette newspaper reviewing new media releases. Her passion has always been long-form narratives that force perspective changes in the reader and connect on a deeply emotional level.


Kodie also incorporates storytelling into her private practice counseling business, helping clients to overcome personal problems through the power of narrative.

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My Books

Birds in the Black Water

Life as a Watermelon:

A Short Story

My Books

" emotionally charged drama that wades deeply through the waters of mental illness...If you're looking for a paranormal novel that is darkly detailed, exquisitely expressed and spiritually charged, Birds in the Black Water is an engrossing read that provides just enough light at the end of the tunnel to make you want to read it again."

IndiesToday Editorial Review



Editing Services

As a passionate and seasoned storyteller, Kodie has a knack for helping other writers achieve their highest potential. Specializing in developmental edits and narrative troubleshooting, Kodie is currently accepting new clients.

For more information on her editing services, click below.

Recent Interviews

Click here for Kodie's interview with Book Butler

What are my biggest influences as a writer? What's the ideal relationship between editor and writer? How do I continue to hone my craft? And much more!


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